Writing Prompts

365 Writing Prompts #24

You are granted one wish. But you have to use the wish for someone else.

Definitely for my mom because I can feel free and she can be more free to the time constraints that have made her stronger and weaker. She has been the diamond pillar of our house even if she acts irrationally and makes the silliest decisions. I do not know how to give confidence to other people and I will work on finding an answer now that the question has come to my attention.

What to wish for her is easy. She does not like white hair and dyes it black. I understand and support her decision. Many women look young when they are old because they had the resources to buy anti aging cosmetics and to make healthier decisions and services. I learned from Michelle Obama about food deserts while only certain foods were available in poor places and none of them was healthy but cheap food.

My wish for her would be to have an free mandatory english education. Two to four years of study and work in her choice of career field with healthcare benefits at any insurance she chooses. This special wish package comes with the ability to speak and read english fluently so she can start immediately.
Although is this really the best decision? She technically has me for this. Before my other choice was to extend or go back to younger self but it does not good. Another consequence and silver lining, would be she outlive my dad by a lot more years. Not to mention my aunt and uncle too.
Nope, the wish will be for her to speak and read English with a free drop complement gift of one hundred thousand dollars and healthcare benefit or a mind enhancement drug. Something that increases the sharpness and self- care needs as her priority rather than other’s happiness. We all know its in there, suppressed. Let that griffin rip out!


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